Dr. M. Krishnamurthi – Director

Spearheading the organization is Dr. Krishnamurthi, the Director of Sadhana Breeding Program and the Head of the  Sadhana Agritech Services & Consulting Research Center located in Bangalore. Dr. Krishnamurthi B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc (Zoology) PhD. Hailing from Fiji where he lived for over four decades of which he has  spent 18 years as the Director of Sugarcane Researches and later traveled to Sri Lanka, Thailand and India establishing research centers and implementing highly profitable crop production programs. Dr. Krishnamurthi developed the inter-generic and inter-specific hybrids of sugarcane and commercial canes thereof. He is credited to have inspired a revolution in the sugarcane-breeding sector through his developments. His research and development helped created many commercial varieties in Fiji, Sri Lanka, Thailand and India (E.I.D Parry). He has published over 60 papers and has supervised several students pursuing their doctorates. Dr. Krishnamurthi’s major achievements:

  • Sustained the Fiji sugar industry after its independence
  • Helped Cuba overcome rust disease in sugarcane thereby helping the country reach over 6 million metric tonnes of sugar
  • Established breeding and R&D for Sri Lanka as a United Nations Consultant
  • Established R&D for Mitr Phol Sugar Corp (Thailand) and helped them reach 1.1 million tons of sugar production
  • Introduced E.I.D Parry (India) to the concept of maximum utilization of capital assets by crushing for 260 to 280 days at the Nellikuppam factory in Tamil Nadu. Thereby, the capacity was increased from 600,000 tons to 1.4 million tons of cane
  • Possesses over 2000 clones of germplasm
  • While at E.I. D Parry (India), he developed a number of new varieties of sugarcane, designed equipment for mechanization and improved agronomic practices. This helped increase overall yield of sugarcane and therefore, sugar
  • He helped develop bio control systems
  • Has undertaken training in the areas of technical and management elements of sugarcane production.
  • He has trained farmers by implementing the farmer training technology transfer through extension.

Through his pioneering research, Dr. Krishnamurthi has ushered in new era for breeding of sugar cane. Researches such as mobilization of S. Spontaneum and Erianthus, have changed the landscape of sugarcane cultivation creating history in the process. While the sugarcane industry was grappling with issues of pests and disease, he gave the world a breakthrough by producing disease resistant varieties of sugarcane. Furthermore, he was instrumental in producing innumerable breeds by synchronizing the flowering time of S. Sport and Erianthus with noble canes.

Mr. P. Ramababu – Director

The former Managing Director of E.I.D Parry (I) Ltd., Mr. P. Ramababu is the Director of Sadhana Agritech Services & Consulting. He has in-depth knowledge in the sugar and sugarcane industry as well as its research and development, owing to over four decades of diverse experience in the same.

Along with being the director of Sadhana Agritech Consulting, Dr. Ramababu has to his credit a plethora of significant and influential positions some of which are listed below.

  • Mr. Ramababu is the Founder Director of M/s Lakshya Strategic Consultants Pvt. Ltd. – a management consultancy firm
  • Currently Co-Chairman of The CII National Task Force On Sugar – (CII is a prestigious national wide industry body for industries)
  • Currently  Director/Member of Steering CommitteeIndian Sugar Exim Corporation (ISEC), New Delhi, India. The IESC is a sugar export body representing the co-operative and private sectors sugar mills.
  • He is also  Member of the Governing Council of Indian Sugar Mills Association, (ISMA). ISMA is the only national body for private sector sugar mills and is headquartered in New Delhi, India.  He is  is actively involved with the government in key policy matters concerning the sugar industry – the second largest industry in agriculture. In fact, he enjoyed a unique status at ISMA where he was the first professional, in 50 years, to Head the Association as President.
  • While in E.I.D Parry (I) Ltd., Mr. Ramababu was on the board of Sugar Process Research Institute (SPRI), Louisiana, USA. He was actively involved in and worked with the Sugar Research Institute (SRI), Mackay, Australia. He has also collaborated with Dr. Chou Technologies, Inc., New York, USA.

Mr. Ramababu continues to be actively involved with the sugar industry. As the President of SISMA (South Indian Sugar Mills Association) and ISMA (Indian Sugar Mills Association) he is instrumental in bringing about major reforms in the industry and thereby earning the respect of the Government of India.

KPMG recognized Mr. Ramababu’s contribution to the industry when they showcased the implementation of the measures suggested by him during the massive crisis of surplus in their report Vision 2017: The Sector Road Map 2017 during his tenure as President of ISMA.

Mr. Ramababu is a champion for the cause of the Indian sugar mills as well as cane farmers. He strongly advocates the creation of sustainable partnerships between smallholding farmers and sugar mills. In June 2005, he was invited to share his experiences in a first of its kind workshop called “Better Sugar, Better Business” Initiative in London.

A recipient of Lifetime Achievement award from Sugar Technology Association of India (STAI, 2012) and from National Institute of Personnel Management (Southern Indian), Mr. Ramababu continues to stand for the sugarcane farmer, speaking for their cause and highlighting the sugarcane industry in India in the international arena.

Ms. Arati Sharma – Director

With over 17 years of experience, Ms. Arati Sharma is the Director of Sadhana Agritech Services &  Consulting. She has over 12 years of experience in consulting, especially in areas of strategic human resources and business strategy. Her experience is as diverse as it is rich with her associations ranging from the sugar, engineering to apparels and others.

Ms. Sharma is also the Founder/Director of M/s Lakshya Strategic Consultants Pvt. Ltd – a management consultancy firm. Ms. Arati holds a postgraduate degree in management.

Dr. M. Thirumalai - Senior Scientist (Entomology)

An experienced entomologist with over 19 years of experience, Dr. M Thirumalai is the Senior Scientist (Entomology) at Sadhana Agritech Services &  Consulting. Dr. Thirumalai has a Doctorate in Agricultural Entomolgy and his specialization extends to pest surveillance and forecasting, development of models for forecasting pests, screening of insect pests (for breeding sugarcane varieties), training farmers and pest management.

Currently heading the Bio- Control Division at Sadhana, Corporate Office Chennai, Dr. Thirumalai is also a published author with over 15 articles and research papers to his credit.

Mr. Mathew Thomas - Finance Head

Heading the Finance and Accounts team is Mr. Mathew Thomas who has over 30 years of experience. Mr Mathew Thomas  in the past worked with E.I.D Parry (I) Ltd  and post E.I.D (Parry) has handled independent assignments as a independent consultant. He currently handles the Finance and Accounts at Sadhana’s Research Office in Bangalore.

Ms. Shini Sekhar – Breeder

Ms. Shini Sekar is an experienced sugarcane breeder with over 18 years of rich experience. She holds a M.Sc and M.Phil degree in Zoology.

Ms. Sekar has a wide knowledge of tissue culture of sugarcane and banana. She has presented and published several papers. At present, as a Breeder she works under the leadership of Dr. M. Krishnamurthi on the Sadhana Breeding Program nobilization of Erianthus.
She oversees the breeding program at Bangalore and Malavalli farms. Currently located at Research Office, Bangalore

Mr. Elayaperumal - Breeder

Mr. Elayaperumal, Breeder at Sadhana Agritech Consulting has over five years of experience in cane breeding . He holds a Masters degree in Agriculture with specialization in Genetics & Plant Breeding. Currently pursuing his Phd. he has presented and published couple of papers

Mr. Elayaperumal has in-depth knowledge in areas of plant breeding and genetics. He has to his credit papers on Mung bean germplasm that were presented in various national seminars.

Mr. Elayaperumal currently works under the leadership of Dr. M. Krishnamurthi on the Sadhana Breeding Program at the Bangalore Farm .

Mr. M. Kumar – Breeder

Mr. Kumar has three years of experience in breeding sugarcane. He holds a Masters degree in Botany and its based at our Malavalli Farm. He
manages all the germplasm at Malavalli and implements the crossing programme under the guidance of Dr. M. Krishnamurthi.