Sadhana was established with the objective of providing consulting and transfer technology to the agriculture as well as the sugar industry.

Sadhana Agritech Consulting was established in 2009 to provide services and solutions in such a way that both mills and farmers are benefited.

Sadhana’s services begin with identifying excellent parents for sugarcane breeding; Sadhana houses over 1700 sugarcane germplasms at its farms in Bangalore and Malavalli which enhances this. The goal being to create several varieties of sugarcane that are not only pest resistant, but also use less water. The desired end result being a harvest of crops that are heavy in tonnage – benefit to farmer; and have high content of sucrose – benefit to the miller.

Bio control is not just a choice at Sadhana, rather the rule. Certain pests attack certain plants and Sadhana’s research identifies bio control for every kind of pest and implement a program of non-pesticide crop.

Sadhana’s policies and practices have the best interests of the farmer and the miller at heart. The training programs at Sadhana are tailor made for each requirement. Apart from core technical training, the training programs ensure a holistic understanding of the subject for each audience – be it breeders, entomologists, scientists, students, millers, farmers and above all the business managers and planners.