Our consultancy covers a wide area of  research topics such as:

  • Soils and Nutrition consultancy helps with training appropriate personnel on setting up a soil and fertilizer lab
  • Water needs and Irrigation helps identify the soil type to analyze whether the crop is being planted in a dry land or a wetland. This helps with the right water management for the crop ensuring that neither over watering, nor lack of watering hamper the harvest in any way
  • Under Varieties and Commercialization, ‘varieties’ deals with the types and varieties of sugarcane that can be used as a crop as well as the breeding of a particular variety. ‘Commercialization’ on the other hand is an in-depth study of the commercials (this will be provided as a separate package)
  • Agronomic practices studies and advises farmers on agronomic practices that are best suited for their crop based on the soil type, crop type, weather condition, water availability as well as the availability of labor
  • Plant Protection is aimed at educating farmers about the steps that can be taken to avoid common sugarcane diseases and keep away common pests
  • Harvest and Transport advises farmers on the best time and methods for harvesting the crop and the most profitable transport options
  • Data Management helps study and analyze the data that flows in from factory operations, the field and also scientific data from the crops