Sadhana offers a robust consulting service for all types of needs related to growing sugarcane. Our expertise, along with a strong team of highly experienced individuals ensures the success of the projects undertaken.

Our consulting is flexible and practical. We can provide guidance, counseling and on-site help starting from scratch; and at the same time, we also have customizable solutions for isolated issues. The consulting also extends to each or every stage of the sugarcane production that might require professional expertise.

Core Consulting

Sugarcane being our passion, we have in-depth consulting plans for growing sugarcane. Our presence and guidance begins right at the planning stages where detailed crop plans are developed for the factory.

This is followed by due diligence studies to identify potential areas for sugarcane cultivation. For this purpose the land is thoroughly surveyed as is its topography, vegetation, soil types and the climatic conditions.

Think of this as a hand-held consulting plan where we are with you right from the stages of conception to harvest and beyond.

Development and Standardizing Consulting

Our developmental and standardizing consulting technology is for control of new pests (if any) and is unique to every location. This also includes standardizing techniques for commercial production of Cotesia against sugarcane and vegetables borer pests.