Increase the yield of cane through scientific agriculture and breeding.
Increase recoveries through judicious harvesting and milling.

With a history that runs to time immemorial, a temperament that is both generous and resilient with a nectar that is not just sweet, but is also nurturing and life giving, the sugarcane stands for everything that India is.

Unfortunately, the industry is highly fragmented; the growth and thereby the production is cyclical. There are issues of pests and diseases, the resilience of sugarcane breeds, the education of farmers and sugar millers on various best practices and a host of other problems that go hand in hand with the farming of sugarcane.

Identifying this, Sadhana  has successfully designed and executed green solutions for every kind of problems associated with sugarcane growing.

Sadhana’s solutions use training of farmers in scientific method of cane farming backed by breeding and sound agricultural practices to increase yield; improve recoveries through selective harvesting and optimize milling; maximize the utilization of factories; reduce fixed costs and increase profitability by minimizing slack period.

Sadhana Agritech has the best minds in the world for giving sugarcane strategies that are unmatched. Every member of the team has decades of experience in this field and is well-known in the industry.

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